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At Strataid Consulting, we believe client success starts with clearly defining business problem, identifying solution that addresses the problem and drives operational improvement, backing it by well thought out operating model, and supplement with technology enablers that act as the catalyst to connect people, engage customers, and drive business proesses.

Our business model is built around the core idea that problem definition at a strategic level, building operating capabilities to successfully address strategic issues, and leveraging technology as a foundation to build require capabilities leads to sustainable business growth, improved profits, and building differentiation in the market place. To that end, we have invested in robust talent access and acquisition model dedicated to building long-term relationships with the best business operations, strategy, and technology consulting talent in the market to bring best practices to your enterprise.

From strategy, operational improvement, to helping clients build differentiating operating capabilities by leveraging technology, our approach to solutions emphasizes rapid delivery of business value.

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Typical questions we help our clients answer

    1. What should be our enterprise level strategy to drive growth and profitability?
    2. What should be our business unit level strategy for market segments and products to drive growth and profitability?
    3. What are organizational capabilities required to support the defined strategy and create differentiation?
    4. How should company go about building these capabilities?
    5. How should company manage implementation of defined strategy?

Strategy Practice areas:

    • Enterprise Strategy
    • Business Strategy
    • Growth Planning
    • 5-Year Plan Development
    • Profitability Improvement
    • Cost Modeling and Pricing
    • Acquisition Integration
    • Position the Business for Sale


Typical questions we help our clients answer

  1. What should be operating model for the organization to support defined strategy?
  2. Which operating capabilities would enable the organization to create differentiation?
  3. How should organization go about developing required differentiating capabilities?
  4. Are organizational foundational business processes well defined and how these need to change to support the new strategy?
  5. How should the organization transition from current state to the future state with required capabilities?

Operations Practice areas:

    • Operating Model Development
    • Business Process Engineering
    • Business Process Outsourcing
    • Turnaround Plan
    • Supply Chain Optimization

IT Practice:

Typical questions we help our clients answer

  1. What should be client’s IT applications to support defined business strategy and differentiating capabilities?
  2. How new applications would integrate with core systems and IT foundation?
  3. What should be IT application deployment strategy?
  4. What should be considerations for cybersecurity?
  5. How can client organization optimize IT spend?

IT Practice offerings:

  • Solution Selection
  • Application Development
  • Application Management
  • Cloud Services Planning
  • Spend Reduction
  • Cyber-security Assessment