Go-To-Market Strategy (New Market Entry)

By February 2, 2018Strategy


Leading European Tier II automotive supplier.

Business case

CEO and Executive team wanted to enter the U.S. market and as such needed to develop business case for new product lines that they wanted to introduce in the US market.


  • Analyze five specific auto and industrial component product lines.
  • Develop business case by identifying investment needed, product customization requirements for the local market, pricing strategy and channel partners.
  • Determine the required support infrastructure plan needed to enter the US market.


Client produced highly diversified auto and industrial components in Europe and Asia and wanted to introduce those product lines in the US market to various OEMs and Tier 1s.


We were able to:

  • Create business case for each product line by analyzing all the necessary details.
  • Recommend possible profitable product lines based on research and analysis done.


  • Analyzed and established go-to-market strategy for each product line.
  • Identified target market, market size, potential clients, product mix and required customizations, pricing strategy, distribution, and business support structure for each product line.
  • Analyzed competitors to determine market share and market strategy for each product line.
  • Prioritized for the client which products would create quick wins in order to self fund overall market entry initiatives.


Our work:

  • Enabled the client double sales each year for first three years.
  • Client could generate enough cash flow in first three years to self-fund an acquisition by the newly formed US entity to established the company as a local US manufacturer.

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