Business Process Re-engineering

By February 2, 2018Operations


Leading $1 Billion manufacturing client.

Business case

CEO and Executive team wanted to examine their operating model and business processes to identify any major functional gaps.


  • Mapping current state of client’s operating model from level 1 to level 3 business processes
  • Identify major functional gaps

Build level 3 functional framework which would become foundational for driving operational efficiencies.


During the implementation of a new ERP system, the team realized that the underlying business processes of the company were not well defined. If left unchanged, it would derail the effectiveness of the new system.


We were able to:

  • Map current operating model.
  • Identify major functional gaps.
  • Recommend business processes that need to be changed and enhanced.


  • Mapped current operating model and underlying end-to-end businesses processes.
  • Identified functional gaps using our proprietary industry benchmarks.
  • Proposed new operating model that would enhance operating efficiency using technology and new system implementations.

Developed functional process flows to support new operating model


Our work:

  • Aligned operating model and functional processes with new system implementation. Thereby ensuring people, process, and technology are aligned for greater efficiency.
  • Achieved 4% FTE reduction in administrative and business support functional areas. This was done through leveraging automation techniques and technology implementation.

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