Design & Develop Web Application for Government Agency

By January 14, 2018IT


A Government Agency


Design and Develop a Web application to help guide Project Managers (PMs) through project management life cycle by helping
• Connect IT PMs to key guidance required to complete projects
• Manage basic project information
• Provide simple tools to manage different aspects of a project
• Generate associated reports

Focusing on:

• Software Development Best Practices
• Least time to production
• Ease of Maintenance
• To be accessed over several devices such as Desktops, Laptops, Tablets etc.


Project Managers wanted the application to plan and manage project resources. PMs wanted to have a site that will also provide appropriate guidance and resources keeping in mind the nature of the projects and government policies associated with those types of projects.

Solution and Approach:

Provided a Scrum team that worked in collaboration with the stakeholders. The project was divided into three phases: Analyze and determine technology infrastructure for the best solution design, Work with the stakeholders for prototyping to evolve the responsive design. Develop, Test and Deploy the application. The Web Application was delivered as a responsive, scalable, easy to maintain application. To ensure success, the team based its approach on these key factors:

• Agile Development: Using 2 week sprints; the team was able to frequently incorporate Stakeholder’s feedback and adjust to changing business needs.

• Interactive Prototyping: The team employed responsive design and dynamic prototyping approach to show how the application would function across a range of devices. Several iterative design sessions with the stakeholders and UX designers were conducted to fine tune the UI functionality issues on mobile devices.

• Development Philosophy: The development was done with Alt .NET mindset- embracing .NET framework but also relying heavily on a number of open source libraries. Development was done keeping in mind the following: Use responsive design to develop one UI that fits all, use MVVM with Knockout to bring data and intelligence to modern browsers for better response time in addition to rapid development and maintaining clean data model, write SOLID code for easy maintenance, Technology Stack: ASP.NET MVC, NHibernate, T4MVC, AutoMapper, RequireJS, Knockout, Bootstrap, Log4Net, Powershell, Mercurial


The web application went to production with positive reviews and is actively used by the project management community to manage projects and project resources. With responsive design; user experience remained the same across a range of devices. With easily maintainable architecture; several enhancements were made to the application in no time.

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