Design & Deploy Cloud Application for Financial Services Company

By January 14, 2018IT


Financial Services Company


Design, Develop and Deploy a Cloud based Invoicing Web application to the specified requirements using ASP.NET MVC, JQUERY and SQL Server .


Client wanted to develop a SaaS invoicing application that would integrate with several payment processing gateways. Client also wanted assistance in deploying the application to a managed Cloud service platform that could meet the requirements.

Solution and Approach:

Provided a team that worked onsite, in close collaboration with the owner and CEO of the Financial Services company for approximately 1 year.

The work was divided into four primary phases with some overlap:

Application Development:

The application was developed from scratch to meet predefined requirements and changing business needs. The work included implementation including but not limited to the following functionality:
• Responsive UI
• User Authentication and Authorization
• Online Invoicing
• Expense management
• Time Tracking
• Subscription Management integration
• Payment Processing integration
The application was developed in MVC using C#, JQuery, SQL server database. The application makes extensive use of stored procedures and uses several multi-threaded windows scheduled server applications for back end processing.

Security Qualification:

Worked with a 3rd party to assess application security and mitigated reported security issues to solidify application security.

Cloud Deployment:

Worked with the client to research and select and setup a third party Cloud service provider.
• Researched and analyzed available third party cloud service providers to find one that best met client needs
• Integrated the application with necessary Cloud provider APIs for file storage etc.
• Deployed application to the Cloud and setup to auto-scale to balance load, configure backups, alerts etc.

Website Design and blog integration: Worked with UI Designers to implement business website and integrate with BlogEngine.


The application was delivered to the requirements with in 12 months and the site successfully went live after 1 month of Beta testing.

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